I recently needed to set up a temporary network to test some ideas around microservices and proxies.  I didn't want to run any of these tests on systems I use regularly because they were truly experimental hacks.  I decided I could run them on Raspberry Pis and just use throwaway Raspbian images.  I was looking through the closet in my 0ffice for systems to test on and realized I have a lot of Single Board Computers.  I bought most of them when they were new technology, played with them a bit, then added them to the pile.  After my original testing was complete, I decided that I had to do something with each of them.

I have a couple C.H.I.P.s, a Tritium H5, a few Raspberry Pi Zeros, and a few Raspberry Pis.  I am going to write an entry about what I did with each.  The goal is to dust them off, install the lastest OS updates, finish old projects, or use these little machines for some purpose as part of my home network.  My immediate plans are to finish my Raspberry Pi Zero based motion capture camera, resurrect my Quake 3 server, finish my RetroPie, decide upon a network interface for all the older boards that didn't include WiFi, and find a way to mount them all.