I have been experimenting with Spring Boot the last couple days and I made a very small extension to my first test of the framework. After reading a getting started guide I discovered something else amazing about this project. I added the following class to my test from the previous post:

I then added the following to my pom.xml:

With those minimal changes I now see a list of beans provided by on the console:

And found that with almost zero work I can now make calls like http://localhost:8080/health which responds:


Or http://localhost:8080/metrics to learn:

Or http://localhost:8080/trace for details like:

I almost went without the super verbose Application class, but I think it's important to illustrate the huge amount of functionality added just by adding a few lines to our pom.xml (it's even shorter if you use Gradle). If building a real application goes as smoothly as my initial tests, I think Spring Boot is going to be a framework I spend a lot of time developing in.