For the past few years I've done my year in books. But, books are only a portion of what I read. I also read a ton of content on the web.

With that in mind, I'm adding another wrinkle based on an email I received from Pocket with a summary of what I saved/read there. In case you don't feel like clicking, here's the high points:

  • You read a ton in Pocket this year and earned a spot in our Top 5% of readers!
  • 464,429 - Words you read in pocket in 2016
  • That's like reading 10 Books
  • Your Most‑Saved Topics: Programming, Technology, Security

On goodreads I set my goal to 30 books and ended up reading 37, but a good number of them are graphic novels that usually only take an hour or so to read. You can see my entire year in the summary. In case you don't feel like clicking, here's the high points(should have cut-n-pasted that):

  • 37 books
  • 9,065 pages
  • Average length 245 pages

My favorite novel this year was Dune by Frank Herbert. It is a wonderful, classic sci-fi novel and I would recommend it to anyone. I wish I had read it much earlier, this book is a classic for a reason. I also really enjoyed Accelerando and The Lord of the Rings trilogy which is another classic I should have read years before I did.

I should also mention a couple excellent stories I started after seeing them animated on Adult Swim. Attack on Titan and Bleach are both very well written and drawn and reading them adds a lot to the characters and my understanding of the stories.

For 2017, I'm setting my reading goal to 40 books. You can follow my progress and see my book ratings in my bookshelf.