I have been setting readying goals on goodreads for a few years now. For 2015, I set my goal to read 25 books. I started out the year ahead of scheduled, but I finished my last book with just a couple days to spare. Turns out I had not classified one of my books as being read in 2015, so I actually finished my 26th book with just days to spare. You can see the books I read on goodreads' excellent summary.

My favorite book this year is Seveneves by Neal Stephenson, spoiler the moon blows up. It's what happens in the following 99% of the book that makes the story. I also really enjoyed Spin and Influx, both of which should make any Science Fiction fan happy.

My favorite reread this year was a book a friend loaned me in high school. I remembered liking it and the basic story, but I did not remember details. I was walking through the bookstore one day and recognized the cover. I bought it added it to the reading queue. I'm glad I did. Everyone should read On a Pale Horse by Piers Anthony.

I am setting my goal to 30 books for 2016. You can view my book shelves on goodreads.