Today was fairly active for me in the mobile app space. I found a new game Plague Inc, a new Android developer tools demo app DevAppsDirect and an update of my iOS app DayToDay was released. Plague Inc has a unique game dynamic where you take the role of a pathogen and your goal is to kill everyone on Earth as quickly and efficiently as possible. I've played a couple games and enjoyed it enough to pay the $1.06 for a full unlock. DevAppsDirect has demos of various AOSP and third party open source modules/libraries. It is in beta but is already useful if you need to get a feel for what a piece of code will look like on real hardware. Finally, the little app I made for my wife, DayToDay, had an update approved for release on the iOS App Store. The update contains a data entry bug fix and some new promotional images. I was a bit concerned that the store is showing my retina and standard images together in one big set when viewed on my iPad mini. I thought it showed the appropriate image by device. Regardless, I won't be releasing an image only update.