For July, I was assigned MojoMojo which is a content management system that borrows concepts from wikis and blogs. It maintains a full tree-structure of pages and allows you to interlink them in various ways. It has full version support, AJAX preview while editing, tagging, built-in full-text search, image galleries, and RSS feeds for every wiki page.

Installing this module via cpanm required quite a bit of manual interaction, but it was primarily for the module's dependencies. When I compared the CPAN Testers results for the current version to the previous version it was clear that my issues were not unique. I was reminded of the CPAN river analogy and just how important it is that common dependencies are well maintained.

Once I had all the prerequisites installed I found an individual test failing, but the repo already has a pull request that fixes it. I decided to focus on a warning that was repeated over and over during the test phase:

I went through each file that had this warning, fixed the issue, and submitted my pull request, which was quickly merged (thanks Marcus).