For December, I was assigned Crypt::OpenSSL::VerifyX509 which is a simple verify-cert module, in XS. It provides certificate verification, along the lines of "openssl verify".

The module itself is very small and I was unable to find a TODO or any obvious functionality improvements, but I noticed there were a few changes that could improve the kwalitee report.

So, I pulled the repo and made the following changes:

  • Changed Makefile.PL permissions to remove executable bit
  • Added a basic Changes file containing an entry for the last commit
  • Added a LICENSE file (App::Software::License makes this very easy, see below)
software-license --holder "Chris Andrews" --license Perl_5 --type fulltext > LICENSE

With those changes made I submitted my pull request.

This will be my final Pull Request challenge submission. I completed the year with 9 pull requests, most of which were merged, some of which were ignored, one of which I had to delete and one of which was ridiculed. Not bad. I would like to thank Neil Bowers for putting this together and for his help during the year.

Neil sent me this summary after my submission:

Good stuff!

A good way to finish the year. And that takes us to 49.5% overall for December so far.

Here’s your full record for the year:

      id   Month  State     Distribution
     ----  -----  --------  ---------------
      320  Jan    Done       Crypt-Password-Util
      405  Feb    Done       Test-Mini-Unit
     1047  Mar    Done       ExtUtils-Install
     1359  Apr    Done       App-ModuleBuildTiny
     1469  May    Skipped    Compiler-Lexer
     1605  Jun    Done       Path-Resource
     1690  Jul    Done       MojoMojo
     1752  Aug    Skipped    JavaScript-V8
     1977  Nov    Done       App-autotest
     2133  Dec    Done       Crypt-OpenSSL-VerifyX509

You’re very welcome to go back and do PRs for those two that you skipped ;-)