I decided to participate in the 2015 CPAN Pull Request Challenge. I have used perl for 15 years and have not contributed much back to the wonderful Perl community in that time. I see this as the perfect opportunity to rub the shoulders of the giants I have been standing on all these years.

For January, I received Crypt::Password::Util which can help you identify encryption types based on encrypted strings and expands on Perl's crypt() by choosing the best available encyption type and adding a random salt.

I submitted a pull request that:

  • added the Perldoc content to README.md so that it is more GitHub friendly
  • added MakeMaker support because the author had a .todo-release-rebuild_with_makemaker in the base directory

I would like to thank Neil Bower's for being the force behind this awesome project.

Update January 30th

Had some extra time so I added a new function, some tests and some documentation.

Update January 31st

I was very impressed with what perlancar did with my pull request. He cleaned up the code and reminded me of named captures which I haven't used in way too long. His latest version on github has his clean up of my contribution. Thanks for an awesome first month!