I attended AnDevCon last week and came away with a treasure trove of awesome information and projects.

My favorite find was GenyMotion which is a fast Android emulator. No really, it is a fast Android emulator. It starts up quickly, it responds to touchs quickly and it has a set of useful actions available in a tab bar. If you take nothing else away from this post, this is the one thing to integrate into your daily development.

Android Bootstrap is a cohesive collection of libraries connected together that should be able to form the basis of any Android app. The code is open source and there is a generator that allows you to create your own template. Be sure to check out the alpha which makes the switch to Android Studio.

I attended two sessions by Mark Murphy and came away much more well versed in the Action bar and the Master-Detail pattern. I was particularly excited by his announcement of his Master-Detail library CWAC-MasterDetail.

One of the best presentations I attended was when I decided to get completely outside of my comfort zone and attend a presentation on dynamic sound. Tony Hillerson introduced PureData and libpd and showed how they could be used to create sound for Android apps. Slides

Crashlytics crash reporting solution looks like it can't be beat, especially since it's free. I've been using ACRA for years and Crashlytics looks like it's obvious replacement.

Parse is not an Android solution, but I liked the demo I saw using their site so much I am including them. This is the fastest way I have ever seen to get a REST API up and running on the web.

There were a couple testing projects that caught my eye. appium is a test automation framework that shows some promise. I will give this one a shot when I create my next app. Awaitility makes it easy to test asynchronous code and it looks like it will fit right in with my usual testing methodology.

I was also reminded again and again just how awesome Jake Wharton and Square are with their huge list of open source offerings. You can't go wrong with almost any of the projects on their GitHub page. These libraries have saved me countless hours of coding. Thanks!

I came across a couple useful security projects AndroidPinning certificate pinning and Keyczar which is an open source encryption toolkit.