I have been learning Clojure and I am currently working through Clojure for the Brave and True. When I am learning a new language I like to have small challenge problems to solidify what I'm learning and to force me to solve practical problems. Learning to interact with the language via command line, handling file I/O, and web interaction is extremely important and these small problem lend themselves to those activities. In the past I have solved Project Euler questions but this year I just so happened to be learning at Christmas and came across Advent of Code.

After I had solved a couple questions, Perl 6 had their Christmas release. I have written Perl for a long time and I decided, hey, why learn one new language when I can learn one new and one updated, upgraded, recognizable but completely different language.

I am also solving the problems in classic Perl 5 as a reference solution and as a way to let myself solve the problem itself without the language getting in the way. I may add other languages if I get inspired to write my solutions yet again, but for now I will stick with 3.

My progress has slowed since the holiday break ended, but I put my work on GitHub in the hope that I can motivate myself to continue work by putting it in public. If you read this and see that I have stalled, I encourage you to poke, bother, annoy or otherwise remind me to get to work.